2016 Excellence in Landscape Award Winners

LCA's Excellence in Landscape Awards competition is held annually and recognizes landscape projects of exceptional quality. Each project is judged on its own merit against criteria specific to each category. If the firm both designed and built the project, it may submit an entry that recognizes its design work as well. Awards are given for residential or commercial landscape installation and maintenance, both interior and exterior, or for special events. There can be more than one award in any category, as each project is evaluated on its merit.

Award winners are also featured in Home & Design magazine.



Commercial Landscape Installation   Commercial Landscape Installation (Design/Build)   Commercial Maintenance



Craftsmanship   Craftsmanship (Design/Build)   Front Residential Planting and Entranceway
Front Residential Planting and Entranceway (Design/Build)   Outdoor Living Area   Outdoor Living Area (Design/Build)
Residential Maintenance   Total Residential Contracting   Total Residential Contracting (Design/Build)