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Thursday, September 7, 2017  
Posted by: LCA

Tulip Tree Scale on Magnolia

From: Stanton Gill, UME

Several landscapers and nursery owners have asked when tuliptree scale will go to crawlers on magnolia. I put a call out to the readership and Steve Sullivan of Bright View brought in tuliptree scale from Frederick City, Maryland. I examined the scales under the microscope. The females are plump and full of eggs, but no crawlers quite yet. It will be soon, probably sometime in mid to late September.

Adria Bordas, Virginia Cooperative Extension, received three samples of white prunicola scale from Herndon, Virginia, on September 1. She reported that crawlers were not present on these samples.

If you run into tuliptree scale and/or white prunicola scale, please send in samples to me at the University of MD, CMREC, 11975 Homewood Road, Ellicott City, MD 21042, so we can look at them to see when crawlers are emerging.

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