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IPM Alert: Ambrosia Beetle Activity

Wednesday, April 20, 2016  

Ambrosia Beetle Activity Is On the Upswing

April 18, 2016

From Stanton Gill

Stanton Gill received information from a nursery in Montgomery County reporting yellowwood trees with fresh sap on the trunks. Their alcohol traps had lots of beetles and they are submitting them to him for identification. He has examined samples from his CMREC traps and ones from James Becker who is sampling with the Chestnut Society at Ft. Detrick in Frederick County. His trap catches at CMREC had 23 Xylosandrus germanus. The samples from Ft. Detrick had 2 Xylosandrus crassiusculus. These species are the ambrosia beetles we are concerned about that can damage nursery and landscape trees.

It is predicted to reach 80 °F and stay warm through the week. I think it is finally time to pull the trigger if you are going to apply either permethrin or bifenthrin (Talstar) to the trunk of susceptible species. Styrax, yellowwood, and redbud would be high on my list of susceptible trees.