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Monday, March 7, 2016  
Posted by: Julie Hill

Bordallo takes issue with the delayed and denied H-Visas
Guam Daily Post – March 7
Guam Delegate Madeleine Bordallo expressed her concern this week about an increase in the number of denials by the USCIS f visas for foreign nationals who want to work in Guam. She said that letters declining renewals of H-2B visas provide no clear rationale for the denial. She believes this will negatively impact the planned military construction expected in the next few years. “The military spending, exclusive of local construction, will exceed the island’s organic capacity in the coming years. It is expected that Guam would need to leverage the H-2b visa workers to help keep the construction pace on track to accomplish this strategic endeavor,” she said. Guam was separated from the national H-2B quota in 2008, and that was extended in 2014. View full article.

Visa delays can kill productive businesses

WSJ – March 6
Billy Krause, of Krause Landscape Contractor Inc., explains that his business depends upon the ability to hire H-2B workers in order to adequately meet the demand. Hiring these workers allows him to continue to employ his year-round staff and stay in business. They pay all workers wages higher than the prevailing wage, provide benefits, and attempt to hire as many local workers as possible. View full article.