LCA Landscape Leadership Award

LCA’s Landscape Leadership Award is a special recognition of an individual who has consistently shown exceptional leadership throughout his or her career in the region’s professional landscape community. Recipients are volunteer leaders who have served as president and contributed significantly to the industry, exemplify the highest standards of professionalism, selflessly serve as a mentor to others, maintain their membership, and are ambassadors, encouraging others to participate in LCA programs.



2019: Jeff Waters




2017: Ray Gustin


2007: Colleen Bugler


2006: Landon Reeve IV



LCA Emerging Professional of the Year Award

LCA’s Emerging Professional of the Year Award is presented to a professional with a minimum of five years in the green industry who exhibits exemplary professional accomplishments and a commitment to the profession. The recognition strives to promote the accomplishments of an emerging professional’s contributions to LCA and/or to the industry. The award is designed to enhance the image of the landscape industry by recognizing emerging, diverse, and talented individuals, thereby portraying the field as an exciting profession open to everyone.



2019: Emily Inglis