Residential Maintenance

Decade Award

Designs for Greener Gardens, Inc.

French Estate

French Estate is a horticultural paradise comprising 12 garden rooms. The welcoming entry garden is redesigned annually and planted primarily with annuals of bright colors, contrasting textures, and bountiful flowers. The swimming pool is framed by a bluestone terrace, setting the stage for a bounty of large-scale, creatively designed mixed containers. The pool itself is framed with layers of perennials, annuals, and bulbs, providing a nonstop flowering bonanza throughout the growing season. Over the fourteen years that we have been working with this client, garden areas have been added, refined, and redesigned as the trees mature; the lighting changes; and the culture of the garden evolves. This is our forte: we take pride in providing excellent horticultural care of existing plant materials, nurturing all to their optimal potential.

Decade Award

McHale Landscape Design, Inc.

Knightly Estate

For the past 11 years, our maintenance crews have provided garden and lawn care to the owners of this magnificent waterfront estate. The property is a mix of well-established plantings and newer ornamental plantings installed by our enhancement crew. We provide all horticulture, arbor care, and turf care throughout the property and have performed renewal pruning to revive some of the mature plantings that had previously been neglected. This beautiful property truly validates the skill and talent of our staff.

Grand Award

Planted Earth Landscaping, Inc.

Lancaster Garden

This client thoroughly enjoys his garden for entertaining outside or simply relaxing. Vertical mulching was necessary not only to lower the soil pH, but also to decompact the soil after construction. In spring 2012, our client requested that we replace the Taxus hedge with Emily Bruner hollies. Knowing that Emily Bruners are vulnerable this far north, we constructed burlap walls each winter to protect them. Our gardeners prune the hedges and fringe trees to maintain a clean appearance.

Honorable Mention

McHale Landscape Design, Inc.

Southern Maryland Residence

Our maintenance staff has provided comprehensive garden and turf care services for this unique estate property for the last four years. Services include weekly mowing, turf applications, deadheading and garden detailing services, spring and fall mulching, snow removal, and water management.