Industry Apps


Audubon Trees
Audubon Trees is your guide to trees in North America. Featuring in-depth information on 906 trees in the United States and Canada, Audubon Trees provides invaluable species information from Audubon Field Guides; over 2,000 beautiful photos; complete descriptions of leaves, fruit, habitat, range, and more; and the first online field guide community.



Bee Smart™ Pollinator Gardener
With this app you can browse through a database of nearly 1,000 native plants. Filter your plants by type of pollinator you want to attract, light and soil requirements, bloom color, and plant type. This is an excellent plant reference to attract bees, butterflies, hummingbirds, beetles, bats, and other pollinators to the garden, farm, school, and every landscape.


Dirr's Tree and Shrub Finder
Based on Michael A. Dirr's classic work The Manual of Woody Landscape Plants, this app covers 1,670 species and 7,800 cultivars, with 7,600 high-quality plant images. The plant database is searchable by 72 criteria, including hardiness zones, water and light requirements, growth characteristics, flowers, fruits, and fall colors.


Google Earth
Fly to the far reaches of the world from the palm of your hand. Explore the same 3D imagery and terrain as the desktop version. Get to your current location with the touch of a button. Pan, zoom, and tilt your view as you travel the globe. Search for cities, places, and businesses around the world. View layers of geographic information. Search by voice to easily find what you're looking for.


Heat Safety Tool
This OSHA-developed app allows workers and supervisors to calculate the heat index for their worksite and, based on the heat index, displays a risk level to outdoor workers.


Landscaper's Companion
Landscaper's Companion allows you to organize client projects and plant lists while at your office and then show your landscape designs at your client’s home or out in the field on your mobile device. It includes a plant reference guide, searchable plant database, thousands of photos, and more.


Leafsnap is the first in a series of electronic field guides being developed by researchers from Columbia University, the University of Maryland, and the Smithsonian Institution. This free mobile app uses visual recognition software to help identify tree species from photographs of their leaves.


PlanGrid lets you upload landscape plans to the cloud, where they are then automatically synced with the iPads of your crew in the field. The app is currently free, as are up to 50 sheets of storage. Plans can also be marked up on the iPad app, which features page-based versioning of revisions. Markups can be shared with the rest of your crew.


The Weather Channel
Get your weather faster. This app helps you plan your day, week, or even the next hour. It includes Animated Future Radar, Video Center, Severe Weather Center, Beach Conditions, and more.