Recertification Categories

Maryland Professional Turfgrass Fertilizer Applicator Recertification

2 Credits

Pesticide Recertification Categories



2 Forest  2 Forest Pest Control
3A Ornamental Exterior 3A Ornamental Pest Control
3B Ornamental Interior 3B Turf Pest Control
3C Turf 5A Aquatic Pest Control
5 Aquatic 6 Right of Way
6 Right of Way and Weed 10 Demonstration and Research
7A General Pest 60 Registered Technician
 10 Demonstration and Research    


District of Columbia

00 Core 3A Ornamental
PC Private Category
3B Turf
05 Forest Pest Control 5 Aquatic
06 Ornamental and Shade Tree 6 Right of Way
07 Lawn and Turf 9 Regulatory
09 Aquatic Pest Control 10 Demonstration and Research
10 Right of Way and Weeds    
18 Demonstration and Research
23 Park/School Pest Control


West Virginia

02 Forest 3 Forest Pest Control
03 Ornamental and Turf 4A Ornamental and Turf
5A Aquatic 6 Aquatic
06 Right of Way 7 Right of Way Pest Control
10 Demonstration and Research 11 Demonstration and Research
    12 Pesticide Storage and Distribution
    13 Hardwood Tree Release




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