Awards General Information

General Information

All Entries Must be Submitted Online
The online form must be completed in one sitting
If you abandon the form halfway through, the information will NOT be saved. We highly recommend gathering all of the necessary information before starting the form. Use the Preparation Checklist to ensure you have are prepared.

Entry Fees
$250–LCA Member
  • Fee is required for each entry.
  • Entry fee covers the judging process only.

Entry Deadline
Entries must be submitted online by Wednesday, August 3, 2016. Entries will not be accepted after this date.

Entry Restrictions 

  • Entrant must obtain permission from the client prior to submitting entry.
  • Previous Grand Award winning projects may not be entered in the same category, at any point in the future, by the same company, unless they are being entered for a Heritage or Decade Award.
  • Project time shall not exceed five years from completion date, with the exception of the Heritage and Decade Awards.
  • Enclosed architectural additions are not eligible.
  • There are no geographic restrictions.