Total Residential Contracting Design/Build Category

Grand Award Winners

Surrounds, Inc.
Bethesda Residence

The project encompassed design and build of the front and rear areas of the property as well as the building stone of the home. The project entailed front and rear hardscape, landscape, lighting, drainage, and irrigation.

Surrounds, Inc.
Poburn Woods Residence

Our client desired a functional, tasteful, and improved environment to complement their home. The client was highly focused on their deck environment that would span across the rear of the house with an area for a Jacuzzi. A portion of the deck has a screened-in porch due to the naturally buggy environment. A mosquito repellent injection system was incorporated into the irrigation system to help with the bug issue. We improved circulation of the driveway, increased the overall curb appeal of the entrance, and created a proportional outdoor living environment. The client has religious guidelines that needed to be adhered to, including an arbor over the deck to support a Sukkah and a Green Egg smoker to cook Kosher foods. Two columns were added at the driveway entrance with lights to help define the driveway entrance.

Surrounds, Inc.
Meyer Woods Residence

Our client desired a diversely landscaped environment with natural stone and an expansive deck across the rear of the home. The existing landscape consisted of random plantings, and the client desired to transplant all of the plant material throughout the rear of the property. The current plant palate reflects the client's love for plant diversity. Extensive landscape lighting was used for accenting both hardscape and softscape features. We created increased privacy from the adjacent neighbor and fenced the rear of the property.

Walnut Hill Landscape Company, Inc.
Bennett Point Residence

After searching for several years to find the right location for a weekend retreat, our client found a property situated along the Wye River on Maryland's Eastern Shore. The client wanted a pool, an outdoor entertainment area, a cabana, and a parking area. The driveway was relocated in such a way to draw visitors toward the front door of the house and into a clearly defined parking area. The swimming pool, patio, and cabana were all positioned to maximize the view of the water. Working with the client’s architect we decided on a cabana that created an open seating area with fireplace, bathroom, and guest bedrooms above. Large mass plantings of shrubs, perennials, and grasses provide year-round color and texture interest.

Wheat's Lawn & Custom Landscape, Inc.
A Formal Potomac, Maryland, Estate Garden

This landscape project began as a single-phase front yard renovation readdressing some of the existing plantings and hardscape that had been designed and built by a previous firm. The client's parameters for the job were ones that called for a more formal look with multiple garden rooms that would not entirely abandon the existing masonry portions of the front landscape. We were able to achieve a more formal layout with the front courtyard fountain and garden rooms, creating ideal separation from the road. The owner soon recommissioned us to begin phase two of the project and develop ideas for the rear yard. In the end, an extraordinary project and extremely satisfied client resulted.

Honorable Mention Award Winner

Through the Garden, Inc.
Cowperthwaite Residence

This project was completed in three phases and included all hardscaping, softscaping, and landscape lighting installation for the front and rear yards. Small niches with pocket gardens and secluded sitting areas were created along pathways. The client desired an informal garden design utilizing only natural stone for the hardscaping. Large colonial slabs were used to create natural and informal paths that blend well with the woodland setting. Plantings include a wide variety of perennials, shrubs, and trees. Landscape lighting included the use of gas torches installed on columns at the patio.