Total Residential Contracting Category

Decade Award Winner

McHale Landscape Design, Inc.
Great Falls Residence

Our client asked us to develop a very comprehensive landscape plan that included front entry piers, paver arrival court, swimming pool and cabana, spa and chiminea, Ipe deck, waterfall, and ornamental plantings throughout the property. The project was completed in 2003. Our maintenance crews provide weekly mowing, detailing, turf and plant health care, and seasonal color. The client paid us the ultimate compliment, saying “I never need to leave my property to go on a vacation.”

Heritage Award Winner

McHale Landscape Design, Inc.
Potomac Residence

This grand French country-style home overlooks 2 acres in Potomac, Maryland. Our role as landscape contractor was to deliver the landscape project upon completion of the home. Our crews worked simultaneously with the builder and their subcontractors to meet the aggressive deadline. Our scope of work included stone walls, walks, patios, an outdoor kitchen and fireplace with chimney, and plantings throughout the property. Our crews have maintained the property since 2010, providing every type of service needed to keep the estate property in pristine condition.

Grand Award Winners

Fine Earth Landscape, Inc.
Goodrich Residence

This project in Washington, D.C., has brick retaining walls, fountains, a pool, trellises, manicured gardens, travertine walkways and pool deck, stone steps, a cobblestone driveway, parterre gardens, stone retaining walls, planters, and other features. The garden truly is beautiful and nestles into this restored home nicely. No matter what corner you turn, the garden evolves along the way.

Fine Earth Landscape, Inc.
Clarendon Road Garden

This project includes a very lush garden with travertine patios, boulder steps, brick and stone walls, and a driveway of stone and exposed aggregate. Most of this garden is shaded, but a few areas allow for some sun-loving plantings.

Fine Earth Landscape, Inc.
Brawner Residence

This home sits in a low front yard sloped from the cul-de-sac to the foundation. Water previously crossed the front foundation. The new retaining wall guides water to the property line and creates two level sections of lawn. Guests parking on the street are now invited through the garden. The back garden was overgrown woodland with steep grading dropping 40 feet to a creek. A well-graded oasis was created.

This urban lot was completely redesigned by a highly esteemed local architect and installed by our firm. Features include extensive native plantings, two bioretention ponds, an 18,000-gallon fish pond with additional water features, and foot paths. The site also features a heated permeable paver driveway, and it is a zero-runoff property.

John Shorb Landscaping, Inc.
A Residence in Kalorama, NW D.C.

This cozy townhouse has a deceptively large back garden on two levels. For the front, the owners wanted to upgrade the entrance to make it more inviting. In the back, they wanted a beautiful retreat—something wonderful to look at but also a space for quiet dinners or small gatherings. The project first involved the demolition of almost all existing hardscape to create the new spaces—both the lower level patio and the garage roof-top patio. In both front and back, elegant flagstone replaced the brick. A new irrigation system and landscape lighting were installed. The final product is a jewel-like oasis in the middle of the city, appropriate for an intimate dinner or entertaining friends and family.

This Vienna Virginia home was built in 2009. We were asked to work simultaneously with the builders so that the completed landscape and home were delivered at the same time. Our work included constructing a stone front portico; an arrival court; a pool and pool house; an elaborate children’s play set; an outdoor kitchen and loggia; a rooftop garden; and an extensive combination of large evergreens, flowering trees, ornamental shrubs, and ground cover. Our maintenance staff has maintained the property since 2010. The client’s mandate is “to always have color” throughout the property. Our detail crews visit the property twice weekly during the summer months.

Planted Earth Landscaping, Inc.
Leesburg Residence

This project consisted of planting beds and stepping stone pathways to complement the existing architecture of the home. The front gardens resemble symmetry and formality, while the rear and side gardens are more relaxed.