Residential Maintenance Category

Decade Award Winners

McHale Landscape Design, Inc.
Bethesda Residence

Our landscape crews installed the original landscape of this European-style home in 2004. We have continuously maintained the property since then. Our maintenance services include mowing, turf care, plant health care, detailing, and an extensive seasonal color rotation. The client has renewed their contract consistently since 2004—a true testament to the professional landscape management practices of our team.

We completed a grand landscape installation project at this Easton, Maryland, waterfront home 13 years ago. The 50-acre site provided many landscape design opportunities. Our scope of work included the installation of a cast iron sugar kettle water feature, a tree-lined entry driveway, a swimming pool and spa, bluestone patios and walkways, and ornamental plantings throughout the property. The teamwork and collaborative effort of our masons, carpenters, and landscape crews has created a magnificent waterfront property. Our crews have provided comprehensive care and maintenance for the garden, turf, and water feature since the completion of the project.

Heritage Award Winner

Surrounds, Inc.
McLean Residence

After the completion of extensive landscape construction work over the course of two years, we started our full-service landscape management program. Our scope of services includes biweekly backwashing of the koi pond, managing the conservatory (greenhouse), installing various annual flower displays and a cut flower garden, conducting biweekly site visits addressing detailed maintenance work, cleaning all hardscape surfaces, maintaining an extensive IPM program, removing snow, and managing the irrigation and lighting systems. The tennis court has been resurfaced and, based on the homeowner’s request, the rear lawn was replaced with synthetic turf. We manage the synthetic turf to keep it odor free and cleared of all debris. The front fountain and koi pond are managed year-round.

Grand Award Winners

This mostly shaded private garden on the corner of a busy Reston road was designed to provide screening and interest year round. The garden consists of numerous formal boxwood hedges, American hornbeams, large groupings of hosta, Solomon's seal, fern, and Helleborus to help create a forest floor.

Planted Earth Landscaping, Inc.
Alexandria Residence

This installation job was completed in 2012 and has been maintained by our gardeners since. The client entertains some of D.C.'s most prominent; therefore, the expectation of a showpiece garden is imperative. The gardens are anchored by a 20-foot Nellie Stevens holly clipped hedge in the rear yard and a formal boxwood circle in the front yard. Mixtures of hydrangea, viburnum, and perennials provide color and interest throughout.

As avid lovers of art, nature, birds, and butterflies, the homeowners wanted “… to encourage a natural habitat for desirable wildlife while also enjoying the beauty and serenity of the garden.” Our maintenance team continually incorporates numerous annuals and perennials throughout the garden, including each Perennial Plant of the Year selection from 1990 to 2017, and also creates and maintains container plantings. These flowering and fruiting materials serve as companion plantings, pollinators, nitrogen fixers, and attractors for the many birds and butterflies that visit the garden. Our addition of an edible food forest and fruit guild has become a source of enjoyment and intrigue for the homeowners and their guests.

Wheat's Lawn & Custom Landscape, Inc.
A Formal Potomac, Maryland, Estate Garden

This residence is located in the heart of Potomac, Maryland, situated on an expansive three-quarter acre lot. The project consists of elaborate masonry features and extensive landscape plantings. During peak season, we may have up to three crews on site in any given time accomplishing a wide range of tasks to keep the property looking its finest. The team is responsible for completing the following services on a seasonal basis: spring cleanup, mowing, weed control and turf management, pruning, perennial care and cutbacks, tree and shrub applications, leaf removal, and winter cleanup. In addition, the team also manages the irrigation and lighting systems.